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The Yaesu FT-2000 (regular and the 200 watt D version) ham radio is the only series worthy enough to replace the original FT-1000D.  Not only does it replace it, it surpasses it in technology and performance!  Finally technology has grown where digital filters surpass even the best of analog parts.  The dynamic abilities of DSP and digital filters give you both brick wall filtering and more control under more diverse operating conditions.  You have more control of your transmitters bandwidth and your receiver's interference and signal rejection have a larger range of adjustability.  The S-meter looks and operates like a real analog meter (except for it being more accurate).  As with most top of the line ham radio models, this one does have a dual receiver (a contesters necessity).   Just like computer technology grows and improves, it of course helps grow Amateur radio technology too!  Luckily this one is also designed for easy computer interfacing and Yaesu even built PC control software for this model! 

As if the stock Yaesu FT 2000 and FT-2000D weren't great enough, there are even additional performance and feature add-ons that are available for this model.  Some of these include the Hi-Q (ยต-Tuning) tuning system and the DMU-2000 data management unit, which is basically a high quality external display with a fully functional band scope, oscilloscope, and audio scope all in one!  This basically upgrades this model to the 9000 series.

This is a fairly new model, however we can help you save money (several hundreds of dollars).  Check out our used ham radio inventory for sale at the link below:


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